About Singularity Scientific

Singularity Scientific Consulting Services is driven to deliver unique solutions to the Automotive & Aviation Emissions Measurement Community, the Biotech/Biologic Sector, and the Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) Pedagogy field.   The Founder/President/CEO, Richard W. Frazee, Ph.D., holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry (University of Michigan-Flint) and the Ph.D. in Biochemistry (University of Minnesota).

Dr. Frazee began his career in Academia as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry/Biochemistry first at the University of Michigan-Flint and then at Rowan University where he conducted National Science Foundation funded research with undergraduates while developing unique, student centered teaching methods in Chemistry and Biochemistry instruction.

After leaving Academia he continued Biochemical Research in the area of small molecule drug targeting at the University of Michigan.  Over the span of his professional career in Biochemistry, Dr. Frazee published significant work in leading Journals and presented at major conferences.

During the economic downturn of 2008, Dr. Frazee successfully transitioned into the Automotive Emissions Measurement field where he began as a Commissioning Engineer and quickly rose to Applications Engineer Specialist with expertise in both gaseous and particulate matter measurements in the Automotive and Aviation markets.

Dr. Frazee has published and presented at conferences on topics important to the Emissions field while also being a voting and contributing member of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) committees in the Automotive (Engine and Vehicle Emissions Standards Committee) and Aviation (E-31 Bleed Air, Gaseous, and Particulate Matter technical working group) fields.  During this transition, he continued work in the Biotech sector as a consultant for Secretory IgA, Inc., and SiRNAx, Inc., both located in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Singularity Scientific is located in South East Michigan, the heart of the Automotive Testing market, near Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan where several Startup and Mature Biotech companies are located.  For more information and to set up business relationships, contact Dr. Frazee by email or phone at (734) 619-9248.