Biotech/Pharma Services

An array of services supporting programs involving both Nucleic Acids and Proteins/Enzymes are available.  Singularity Scientific’s broad experience across Biochemical Disciplines provides a unique portfolio of skills and knowledge that can be applied to your project needs.  Specific areas of expertise range from Metalloprotein (Oxygenases) structure/function/kinetics, Nucleic Acid structure/function, to Protein/Nucleic Acid Interaction structure/function.  Consulting for Secretory IgA, Inc. (2008-2012) in the area of protein purification and current work with siRNAx, Inc. involving Protein/RNA interactions are examples of Singularity Scientific’s breadth of skill and expertise.  Work in these areas at the Academic level also included scientific journal publication and grant writing resulting in successful funding (NIH Pre-doctoral training grant, NSF Postdoctoral grant,  & NSF Startup Grant) in basic science research.


  1. Contract Bench work
  2. Purification, Measurement, Modification Consulting
  3. Grant Writing/Submission
  4. Training