AVL Particle Counter


1. Assess Particle Counter General Health/Functionality

  • Temperatures, Pressures, Flows
  • System Diagnostics Checks
  • Particle Number Counter (PNC) External Flow Check
  • Relative PCRF or DF Checks
  • Internal Tubing Assessment

2. Annual Instrument Preventative Maintenance & Calibration

  • Calibration of Pressure Sensors, Flow Meters, and Thermocouples
  • Gas Dilution Check–Customer provides

◊  Calibration gas (>10% v/v) 

◊ Suitable analyzer to measure diluted calibration gas

  • Calibration of Analog Outputs
  • Check Sample & PNC pump capacity
  • Replace Internal Tubing if necessary
  • Customer Provides

◊   AVL PM Kit

◊   Sample/Bypass Calibrating Adaptor

◊   Calibrated Reference Pressure Sensors, Flow Meters, &

     Thermal Well

3. Troubleshoot and Repair Instrument failures

4. Perform Instrument Checks On Soot Source

  • PCRF
  • PNC Linearity
  • APC-APC comparison

*Requires Customer provided Soot Source