Emissions Test Program Consulting

Problem Description

In order to effectively carry out research and development testing programs dependent on emissions measurements, it is important to carefully consider the choice of instrumentation, its placement with respect to the physical parameters of the exhaust train of the test article, and its overall performance within the context of the testing program goals.  Because the measurement is often considered a deliverable in the overall test plan, which in most testing environments is modular, the details of its implementation and performance are often left to Emissions Instrumentation Technicians and Test Cell Service Engineers under the direction of Lab supervisors.

The degree of separation between the Test Engineer and the Test Cell Service Engineer with respect to project goals and the emissions measurement is typically vast.  Ironically, their understanding of the emissions measurement instrumentation is often at a similar level.  Neither of these conditions are conducive to a successful emissions measurement upon which to draw conclusions for the test program.


In order to meet these needs, Singularity Scientific provides Emissions Test Program Consulting.  This service provides your Testing Program with true End to End Emissions consulting designed to produce first in class data upon which to plan your next research and development activities, or to design after treatment control strategies, or meet certification requirements.  The service includes the following:

  1. Involvement/Interaction with Test Program Development
  2. Assessment/Recommendation of/for Emissions Instrument needs
  3. Emissions Instrument/Bench Installation & Sampling Recommendations
  4. Emissions Measurement Sequencing within test(s)
  5. Emissions Instrument/Bench pre- and post-test evaluation
  6. Emissions Applications & Instrument/Bench Training
  7. Emissions Measurement Data Evaluation

Singularity Scientific’s experience and background in scientific research and emissions measurement applications coupled with detailed theory and knowledge of an array of gaseous and particulate measurement methodologies uniquely qualifies it to consult in the development of testing plans, implementation of emissions measurement instrumentation within testing programs, and the analysis/interpretation of data acquired in support of project goals.  This service is available for Automotive, Aviation, and Stack Emissions Measurement Test Programs.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Singularity’s service/application experience with a wide variety of emissions instrumentation is also valuable in the assessment of instrumentation performance, data reliability, and training of technicians at the test cell level as well as combustion and emission engineers.  Singularity’s vision is to provide emissions measurement consulting from project inception, to test cell build up and automation control, to instrumentation health evaluation, to emissions measurements and ultimately through initial data analysis and interpretation.

  1. Integrated approach that will lower your cost burden across projects by decreasing test cell time usage and increasing overall productivity.
  2. High value consulting service delivering quality emissions date the first time.
  3. Quick response & turn around time to keep your program running efficiently.
  4. Integration/Customization of Emissions Instrumentation to meet your specific needs.
  5. Best in Class Emissions Instrument and Bench Training to meet your needs.
  6. Detailed Reports and Presentations to satisfy your reporting needs.